She immediately called Lucky and he came rushing to her side to comfort her. She tells him it's not important, but he insists on coming with them. The adults explained to Charlotte that her criticisms had hurt, and she apologized to Aiden. Jake was presumed dead in 2011 after a hit-and-run accident left him brain dead. When Elizabeth Webber got pregnant with Aiden, she had just broken up with Lucky Spencer because she was having an affair with his brother, Nikolas Cassadine. One time, she goes over and finds Brook Lynn asleep in Nikolas's arms. After all, he has her last name, which is her maiden name (via Soaps In Depth), and she always makes a point of mentioning the two men who fathered her other two boys. By clicking Sign Up, you agree to our Terms and Conditions and that you have read our Privacy Policy. If you would like to change your settings or withdraw consent at any time, the link to do so is in our privacy policy accessible from our home page.. He later bonds with Laura and his great grandma, Lesley Webber. An explosion that caused a fire led to an evacuation of the hospital. First appearance Aiden refused to tell his mom that the kids had been calling him "Gayden," but he couldn't keep the secret for long because of online bullying. On June 21, 2011, Liz found Lucky on the Haunted Star, about to destroy his sobriety by taking a drink, so she told him that Aiden was his son. Elizabeth reaches her breaking point after discovering that Lucky is cheating on her with Mariah Maxmilliana "Maxie" Jones as she is giving Lucky pills. Liz was shocked because Aiden was a sweet, bright, and helpful child. [5] She went on maternity leave on August 26, 2010[6] and returned on October 13, 2010. Sometimes, "General Hospital" fans have to be reminded who actually fathered Cameron Webber (Will Lipton), the oldest son of Elizabeth Webber (Rebecca Herbst). Born At first, Nikolas, Lucky, and Elizabeth suspect Helena, but it's later revealed that serial killer and artist Franco is the one who took the baby. Professor Gordon Grey is Lauras biological father, although Lesley convinced the guy to stay with his wife, Florence Grey, and they eventually left town before Lesley discovered Laura was actually alive. | alias = Later on, he is seen getting ready with his brothers. Elizabeth Webber (Rebecca Herbst) was half a supercouple with Lucky Spencer (Jonathan Jackson). He decides to be Elizabeth's protector against Helena. On July 13, Aiden is reunited with his father and they talk about Lilas Kids Camp and Jason (aka Jake). Elizabeth has been portrayed by actress Rebecca Herbst since 1997. Dr. Richard "Rick" Webber Sr. - Son of Lars and Helene. In 2013, it was revealed that the real reason Helena switched the paternity tests was because her son, Stavros, was alive, and she was trying to help him get his strength back by telling him that he was going to have another grandchild. Liz feared that the truth would once again drive the brothers apart. In 1976, Steve's son Dr. Jeff Webber (Richard Dean Anderson) came to Port Charles after graduating from medical school (via Soap Central). Franco encouraged Aiden to pursue his passion, and Aiden's brothers were equally supportive. Relationships Elizabeth learns that Jason is the father but allows everyone to believed that Lucky is the father as she wants Lucky to stay clean. He was born May 16, 2004. Lucky was originated by Jonathan Jackson in 1993, who continued to play the role when Rebecca Herbst originated Elizabeth in 1997. Elizabeth is disappointed when Nikolas is determined to be the father, even though she knew the odds were in his favor. On Thanksgiving, Elizabeth tells Monica that Aiden and Cameron decided to spend the day with her Gram. Aiden then has a joyous reunion with his parents and his brothers. He is the son of Lucky Spencer and his ex-wife, Nurse Elizabeth Webber. Elizabeth has been portrayed by actress Rebecca Herbst since 1997. Michael "Mike" Webber - Son of Rick and Lesley through adoption. Prince Nikolas Cassadine In November 2007, during the Black and White Ball, Lucky discovered the truth about Jake's paternity and agreed to keep the paternity a secret to protect Jake. Elizabeth and Lucky are high school sweethearts and get married after graduation. Sometimes, "General Hospital" fans have to be reminded who actually fathered Cameron Webber (Will Lipton), theoldest son of Elizabeth Webber (Rebecca Herbst). Use left and right arrow keys to navigate between menu items. A paternity test revealed that Jason fathered her unborn child. She is the granddaughter of Dr. Steve Hardy, one of General Hospital's original characters, and the daughter of Dr. Jeff Webber. | romances = Josslyn Jacks (dated; 2021-2023) 22 episode of GENERAL HOSPITAL, Cameron was sporting a new buzzed haircut. On Halloween, Aiden is seen with his brothers and Jason about to go trick or treating in football costumes. Elizabeth Webber is the granddaughter of Steve and Audrey Hardy, and a nurse at General Hospital. Elizabeth didn't tell Lucky until June 2011 when GH was on lockdown and Lucky was spiraling out of control after his father left town and his wife, Siobhan, was hospitalized due to his mistake. In April 1999, Liz was grief-stricken when Lucky was presumed dead after his apartment caught fire. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Willow warned them that Aiden had been the target of bullying, so she encouraged them to talk to Aiden. When Lucky started to date Rebecca Shaw, it bothered both her and Nikolas Cassadine. Tired of the Whos the Daddy drama, Aiden just wanted his mommy! Alan Quartermaine Elizabeth then claims that he's trying to get her back by using this baby, and points out the fact that he hardly pays attention to the child he has. In the months ahead, Liz became close friends with Jason Morgan, who helped her deal with the loss of her first love. In early March 2011, Liz began to question Aiden's paternity when Monica saw pictures of the children and remarked how much Aiden looked like Lucky. Nikolas doesn't deny this, but says he'll change that and maybe she can help him. Lucky finds her there and brings her into the hospital, where she is treated for hypothermia. (father) Carolyn Webber (mother) Siblings: Steven "Steve" Webber (paternal half-brother) Sarah Webber (sister) Hayden Barnes . Fortunately, Lucky appears, gun in hand, and tells Helena to leave Elizabeth alone. Due to the heartbreaking development, it was months before Liz finally revealed the truth. Profile Part of the a360media Entertainment Group.Copyright a360media 2023. Elizabeth refuses, because she wants Lucky back. Elizabeth moved on and quickly fell in love with and married Ric Lansing. Audrey's husband, Steve, had engaged in an affair that produced Elizabeth's father, Jeff Webber, and after Steve's death, Audrey became the sole grandparent to Liz and her sister, Sarah. In 2005, Lucky and Elizabeth began their romance again. Love GH? After Monica Quartermaine mentioned casually that Aiden looked like Lucky did when he was a baby, Liz got suspicious and had another DNA test performed and was stunned to learn that Lucky was actually Aidens dad. Franco hands Aiden off to his mother, Karen Anderson, wanting to give her the son she always wanted. Things at first don't go smoothly at first. Which is where we come in! After Franco died, Cameron visited his biological father's grave, and Chad Brannon returned to the role of Zander to pay a spiritual visit to his son and comfort him, according to Michael Fairman TV. He had been held captive by Helena Cassadine and brainwashed into believing that he did not love Elizabeth. He later shows Elizabeth a paternity test that can be done early in the pregnancy. On July 15, 2010, Elizabeth goes into labor a month early while at Wyndemere with Cameron, Jake, Nikolas, and Spencer. She was credited with . During the few times that Elizabeth Webber has mentioned her parents over the years, they are always said to be traveling the world working for Doctors Without Borders (via SoapHub). He is the half-brother of Cameron and Jake, and the first biological grandchild of supercouple Luke and Laura Spencer. Cameron and Aiden soon bond with Jake. Irish-American Elizabeth turns to old flame Jason Morgan. While growing up in Boulder, Elizabeth said that she never received as much attention as her sister did and always rebelled and got into trouble. But the happiness was short lived when Elizabeth started having an affair with Lucky's half-brother Nikolas Cassadine. Plus there was the period of time when he thought that Drew was Jason, so its understandable he wasnt eager to welcome Franco into the family. She is unsure if NIkolas or Lucky is the father. They meet outside of Kelly's Diner and Elizabeth developed feelings for him. [7], Twins Adrian and Brett Ritter portrayed Aiden from 2010-11. Namesake(s) Elizabeth briefly has a relationship with Jason but it doesn't work as Jason's work but Elizabeth's children in danger. Jake had run out of the house and got hit by a car. Be sure to join our We Love General Hospital Facebook group to chat about all the latest storylines and juicy gossip! He was formerly believed to be the son of Prince Nikolas Cassadine. When he makes plans again, he and Elizabeth end up sleeping together while saying goodbye, and Lucky walks in on them. Seeing that they are getting more impatient, Epiphany interjects and offers to take them to get ice cream with Felix and Sabrina. Lucky had been consumed with guilt because he had nearly killed his wife when he had set fire to his childhood home that he had once shared with Liz. Spencer CassadineCharlotte CassadineRocco Falconeri(paternal)Violet Finn (maternal)Valerie SpencerCarly CorinthosB.J. Unbeknownst to anyone, Stavros had been clinging to life, and Helena hoped that the news of a new Cassadine heir would give him the will to live. Terri Webber Arnett - Daughter of Lars and Helene. Eventually, he decided to leave town with his son Steven Lars Webber (whom he fathered with Heather while married to Monica), and fell in love with another woman. Cameron is the product of a one night stand that Elizabeth had with Zander follow a split from her then husband Richard "Ric" Lansing. | children = Nikolas returned his nephew to Lucky and Liz. On the plane, Lucky holds Aiden and tells the baby that sometimes he wishes that Aiden was his son and not his brother's, even though he does not want a relationship with Elizabeth anymore. Who are the fathers of Elizabeths sons on GH? In August of that year, GH once again recast the role of Aiden, this time with Enzo De Angelis. Use left and right arrow keys to navigate between menu items. In November of 2011, Aiden was diagnosed with Idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura, an autoimmune disease, and a blood transfusion from his aunt Lulu Spencer helped him recover. In August 2012, Jason David stepped into the part and portrayed Liz's son until March 2021. On April 16, 2019, Cameron was suspended from school for getting into a fight with a classmate who had ridiculed Aiden by using homophobic slurs. In July 2015, it was revealed that Jake is alive and was reunited with his family. Nikolas comes over after Lucky leaves, and tells Elizabeth he loves her and wants a future with her. nephew of Lucky Spencer, Brooke Spencer-Morgan, and Lulu Spencer-Zacharra. So while all of Lizs sons have different fathers, once she became Mrs. Franco Baldwin, they all began calling Franco dad. Michael "Mike" Webber - Son of Rick and Lesley through adoption. Part of the a360media Entertainment Group.Copyright a360media 2023. Elizabeth tells him she'll consider it. Aiden's paternity was in question, and the stress of not knowing who the father was took a toll on Liz. Actress Rebecca Herbst will celebrate her 25th anniversary playing Elizabeth Webber on "General Hospital" on August 1, 2022 (per Soaps in Depth ). Aiden was found in the care of Franco's mother. Who is the new man on General Hospital? He names the baby John Michael Jacks in honor of Jax and Courtney's fathers. At the church, he is seen with his brothers writing in the guest book, when Felix walks up and takes away the pen. Pablo (name given by "Karen Anderson")Aiden Webber Was there a referendum to join the EEC in 1973. Nurse Elizabeth Webber, played by the talented Rebecca Herbst, is one of "General Hospital's" most iconic characters, which is not surprising considering the family the character she was born into. She begins going to Wyndemere with Aiden to visit Nikolas and arranges play dates for the three of them. Elizabeth has been very open over the years about resenting her parents for abandoning her, though it seems as if there might be more to the story than that. Lucky embraced his son, but Nikolas was shattered that Aiden was not his son. Continue with Recommended Cookies, Aiden Alexi Nikolosovich Cassadine (birth until Jun 21, 2011), Aiden Nikolas Spencer (Jun 21, 2011, until 2015), Buzz Lightyear (Spencer's Cassadine's nickname for him), Pablo Frank (given to him by Betsy Frank), 1424 Elm Street #12, Port Charles, New York, Lucas Lorenzo "Lucky" Spencer Jr. (father), Lucas Lorenzo "Luke" Spencer Sr. (paternal grandfather), Tim Spencer (paternal great-grandfather; deceased), Lena Spencer (paternal great-grandmother; deceased), Gordon Grey (paternal great-grandfather; deceased), Lesley Williams (paternal great-grandmother), Rick Webber (paternal great-grandfather; deceased), Steve Hardy (maternal great-grandfather; deceased), Helene Webber (maternal great-grandmother; deceased), Audrey Hardy (maternal great-grandmother; Jeff Webber's stepmother), Lars Webber (great-grandfather; deceased), Nikolas Cassadine (paternal uncle; deceased), Pat Spencer (paternal great-aunt; deceased), Morgan Corinthos (paternal cousin; deceased), Kidnapped by Franco after he was born [Jul 19, 2010], Kidnapped by his uncle Nikolas [Jun 2011], Received life-saving blood transfusion from Lulu after being diagnosed with idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura [Nov 2011], Relentlessly bullied in school and online [2018/2019]. Whatever made the shaggy-haired teen dream shave his head? Sam McCall, Jason's girlfriend at the time watched as Jake was taken but told no one. Who Is Cameron Webber's Father On General Hospital. After Aiden's birth, Nikolas invited Elizabeth to move to Wyndemere with Cam and Jake, so that Spencer could get to know Aiden. In 1999, the role brought Herbst the Soap Opera Digest Award for Outstanding Younger Lead Actress . In 2006, Lucky became addicted to painkillers and began an affair with Maxie Jones, his pill supplier. }}Cameron Webber is a fictional character on the ABC daytime soap opera General Hospital. GENERAL HOSPITAL Spoilers 4/27/23: Ninas Big Mistake! Parents Cameron Steven Webber is the son of Alexander "Zander" Smith and Elizabeth Webber. Since his brother Jake needs special care at a hospital out of state, Aiden and Cameron will be staying with Audrey. Ethnicity At first, Elizabeth tried to shut down the conversation repeatedly, and when pushed, had a violent outburst (via SoapHub). Elizabeth developed a crush on Lucky Spencer, but Lucky chose to date her sister, Sarah. She ends up on the roof of the hospital, trying to kill herself. She has had many relationships but overall feels unlucky in love. Find out what's ahead this week on DAYS. However, things with Elizabeth and Ric ended. Biological son of Derek Barrington and. Jason broke the news of Jake's death to Lucky, who then went and broke the news to a devastated Elizabeth. There, she confides to Steven that she believes Nikolas is her unborn baby's father. Cameron is the product of a one night stand that Elizabeth had with Zander follow a split from her then husband Richard "Ric" Lansing. By the time Franco was killed by Peter August (Wes Ramsey), he had reinvented himself.. Her parents ended up moving to Russia to work as doctors there, leaving Elizabeth no choice but to go to her grandmother's house in Port Charles, New York. Where Are Elizabeth Webber's Parents On General Hospital. Robert Guza, Jr. Charlotte insisted that she had only been trying to help Aiden by pointing out his flaws and that the other children picked on him, too. At the time, Elizabeth was married to Ric Lansing (Rick Hearst), a lawyer whom Zander signed his parental rights over to with the aim of keeping baby Cameron safe from his mob lifestyle (via Soaps In Depth). He is later seen spending time with his uncle Nikolas. Cody on GENERAL HOSPITAL Everything You Need To Know, The Truth About Mollys Endometriosis on GENERAL HOSPITAL. Her second son, Jake Webber, was once thought by everyone to be the son of Lucky Spencer. Lucky pretended to love Elizabeth because he still cared about her happiness, and they became engaged. Elizabeth returns to living a her house. Aiden wasnt seen again until March 2023 when he joined the rest of the family in saying goodbye to big brother Cameron, who was going to college in California. Cameron defended his brother's honor, but he questioned why Liz couldn't talk to Aiden about acting "a little less gay. GH's William Lipton shares why Cameron Webber is leaving Port Charles, "Shining star" Nneka Garland, an Emmy-winning GH producer, has died, GH exec shares decisions that went into tribute episode to Epiphany, General Hospital boss Frank Valentini talks about GH's 60th anniversary, General Hospital welcomes back Emma Samms as Holly, "Huge misunderstanding" means one of this year's Daytime Emmy nominees will no longer be on the ballot, Camila Banus to exit Days of our Lives after 13 years, Eric Braeden reveals cancer diagnosis in an emotional video to fans.
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