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Our Strategic Areas

Transforming Pakistan into a non-violent, peaceful and inclusive society

Mission Statement

Salook envisions a Pakistan where people live, grow and prosper like a single family regardless of their linguistic, racial, ethnic and religious identity.

Folk wisdom

Salook  strives for peace building by means of revival of indigenous wisdom through music, performing arts, literature, publications and audio-visual productions.


Advocacy and strategic communication are means for promoting democratic values of non-violent practices, and tolerance by engaging community to work on education, peace, human rights, interfaith & intra-faith harmony, gender equality, cultural diversity, conflict resolution, health and livelihood.

Policy Reforms

Relevant Govt functionaries are engaged for productive policy dialogue, knowledge sharing and capacity building for inculcation of harmony between all walks of life at national & sub-national levels as to institutionalize reforms for interfaith, intra-faith and socio-cultural harmony through education, health, livelihood, welfare, and equality restructuring schemes.


By designing & imparting state-of-the-art research based capacity building programs with unique blend of translating inner peace into outer practices offered to individuals, organizations, media, journalists and activists on peace building, conflict sensitive communication, behaviors and disciplines..

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